About Us


Knot-n-Needle represents heritage like no other. From designer products to elegant fashion wear, it’s a one-stop brand for all your indo-western needs. Knot-n-Needle opened its first store in 2016, since then we have reflected the Indian craftsmanship in a contemporary manner. What started as an idea has spawned into a huge manifest with the love and appreciation we have received from our customers over the course of time. 




Knot-n-Needle is led by and led for women since inception making it easy to understand the needs of today’s contemporary women. Rachana Dwivedi and Meera Kohli, both full time mothers and part-time freelancers, bonded over a cup of tea and with the full help and support of their family decided to come up with Knot-n-Needle brand. The brand provides line of clothing which is trendy yet affordable, a perfect combination of chic and office wear. All designs are produced in-house and are exclusive to Knot-n-Needle brand.